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How to use the stamps of Hong Kong company correctly?

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After your Hong Kong company registered, you will receive the certificates together some legal files and three stamps. Generally they are rectangular stamp, small round stamp and the Steel stamp. It is important for you to know the functions of each stamp in order to use it properly. 

1.Authorized Signature/ Rectangular Stamp
The rectangular stamp(Its shape is rectangular) of Hong Kong company, also known as the Stamp with authorized signature, is usually blue or purple.

The rectangular stamp must match the signature of the authorized person, otherwise it will not produce any legal effect. In the layout of the rectangular stamp is "authorized signature", which is authorized by the Hong Kong company to a certain authorized person to sign and acknowledge the agreement or act on behalf of the Hong Kong company.

For a Hong Kong company, if to open the bank account in Hong Kong, it is required to use this stamp with the signature of the authorized person. 

2.Round stamp
The round stamp should be the most common stamp of Hong Kong company. It is also in blue or purple.

From the legal point of view, the significance of its existence is closer to a kind of evidence to show that Hong Kong companies know something or prove some behavior.

Generally, it is stamped on the items that should be known to the company, such as purchase order, statement of account, payment voucher, etc., or at the modification of contract text to prove that the modification behavior is recognized by the company.

3.Company Stamp/ Chop
It is a corporate stamp representing the status of Hong Kong company corporation. From the legal point of view, the steel stamp is the real Hong Kong company stamp.

The company stamp is used in more serious and important scene. For example, the written law stipulates that certain documents of the deed must be adopted, such as real estate transfer contract, equity transfer contract, mortgage contract, loan contract, stock or other securities stamped with stamp.

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