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ATAHK Group Limited ,business service consultancy

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China Formation Service
Hotline: 86-755-82143348 Email:

ATAHK Group Limited is an expert in corporate formation, trademark registration and all the follow-up business-related activities. ATAHK has established a sound service network worldwide for the small and medium-sized enterprises, all the services are business-orientated and solution-orientated.


1. ATAHK Hong Kong
Tel(HK): 852-27826888 
Email:   QQ: 2355725183
Add: Unit702-703, 7/F, Fourseas Bldg , 208-212, Nathan Rd, Jordan, Hong Kong


2. ATAHK Malaysia
Tel: 603- 2141 8908
Email:     QQ: 2355725187
Add: Unit 6.06, Level 6, Amoda 22, Jalan Imbi, 55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3. ATAHK Shenzhen

Tel: 86-755-82143422  86-755-82143512
Email:    QQ: 2355725089  
Add: Unit C-D, 23/F, Taiyangdao Bldg, 2020, Dongmen R.S, Luohu, Shenzhen, China


4.ATAHK Shanghai
Email:     Q Q:2355725184 
Add: Unit F, 15/F, 855, World Plaza, Pudong Rd.S, Shanghai, China.



5. ATAHK Guangzhou
Tel : 86-20-87550061       
Email:      QQ: 2355735222
Add: Unit 2501, 25/F, Blk C, Fengxing Plaza, 240 Tianhe Rd, Guangzhou, China 



6. ATAHK Beijing
Tel: 86-10-58694559  QQ: 2355725145
Add: Rm1902, Bldg 17, Jianwai SOHO West, No. 39 Dongsanhuan Rd M, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing



7. ATAHK Chengdu
TEL: 86-28-86676605 
Email:   QQ: 2355725123

Add: Unit 1303, 13/F,Shidai Fengshang Bldg. 123 Caoshi St. Qingyang Dis. Chengdu China



8.ATAHK Yiwu
Tel: 86-579-85206707
Email:    QQ: 2355725089     
Add: Unit 1906, 19/F, Futian Bldg A, 1121 Chouzhou Rd, Yiwu, China


9.ATAHK Nanchang
TEL: 86-791-88188098  86-755-82143422
Email:     QQ: 2355725089   
Add: 6/F, No. 559 Huoju Avenue, Nanchang, Jiangxi, China


10.ATAHK Xiamen
TEL: 86-755-82143422  86-592-5332308
Email:   QQ: 2355725089
Add: 2606, Blog A , Xinjing Ctr, 21, Jiahe Rd, Siming District, XM, China


11.ATAHK Quanzhou
TEL: 86-755-82143422    86-595-22515909
Email:   QQ: 2355725089
Add: Room A, 11/F, Qian Yi Hua Yuan, Annan Rd, Fengze District, QZ, China


12.ATAHK Shenyang
Tel: 86-755-82143422  86-13823131503    
Email:  QQ: 2355725089
Add: Room 0781, Huayang International BLK, 386 Qingnian Street, Shenyang, China


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