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Popular Reasons Lead HK Company To Deregistration

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Popular Reasons Lead HK Company To Deregistration
It is totally unexpected for anyone to close their business, but it may be unavoidable under certain circumstances. There are dozens of reasons that can lead a business in Hong Kong to a deregistration process. Below are some popular examples for your reference:

• The company is in non-compliance with statutory obligations – i.e., improper administration of business affairs
• The company fails to conduct its business activities, leading it no longer profitable
• The company has no ability to deal with the debts
• The company’s shareholders are arguing or falling out
• Corporate restructuring to which the company belongs

It should be noted that despite what reasons by which entrepreneurs wish to deregister their business, the deregistration for a Hong Kong company must be taken in an orderly process. Take a look at our following parts to come up with the idea of a comprehensive guide to this process.

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