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Open a Bank Account in Hong Kong

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Open a Bank Account in Hong Kong

Typically, the documents required to open a savings or current bank account as a foreigner include:
• your Hong Kong Identity Card or a valid passport;
• proof of address in Hong Kong or your home country (you do not have to be a Hong Kong resident to open a bank account in Hong Kong);
• completed application form.

While some banks do offer an option to apply for a bank account online for non-residents, that only means that you can fill in the application form in advance. You will need to visit the branch of your choice in order to complete the process of setting up a bank account in Hong Kong.

Banking in Hong Kong: Credit or Debit Cards?
Obtaining a credit card should not be a problem; however, there may be different requirements regarding your credentials and annual salary for various types of cards and credit limits. Generally speaking, in addition to the above-mentioned documents, you will also need to present a proof of your salary or your salary statements from the last several months in order to get a credit account.

Debit cards in Hong Kong, however, are not common, especially VISA and Mastercard. There is a high chance you will have trouble paying with them, including payments for the goods you shop for online.

Banking in Hong Kong: Paper Checks
Unlike in many other countries, checks are still a commonly used method of payment in Hong Kong, even between different companies. You normally receive a check booklet for your account from your bank. There are usually no fees for using or depositing checks in Hong Kong. However, checks are not an accepted method of payment in retail. In order to overcome the limitations of paper checks, banks have recently introduced an e-Check system.

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