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Register China Company service

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Register China Company service
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Before we go into the details, here’s a quick summary of the current state of affairs regarding company registration searches in China:

There are no English-language search services for company registrations in mainland China.
Neither is there a unified, nationwide search website for company registration details.
There is a fragmented system of local company registration databases that can be searched in Chinese.
Hong Kong offers a fully-fledged company registration search website that can be used in English.

China company registration searches in English
As of 2014, mainland China is still doing a poor job of making company registration information available to the rest of the world in English. We believe open, international access to this information would foster greater trade volume and business interaction with Chinese companies, but such a service has not yet materialised.


1、Business Name Approval(Units business name approval) :
Duration: 5 working days   
Document Required
Fill in the Application Form of Business Name Approval in which shall be provided several business name for backup, business area, capital to be registered, share

ratio of each holder.
Copy of Passport for individual investor or
Copy of business license and Chinese translations for firm investor.

2、Foreign Business Approval
Approved in China government.  Duration: 7 working days 
Documents required:
Regulations of Association (signed by investor)     Original
Bank Reference Letter                       Original
Resolution of Investor (Signed by the Legal Representative of the Investor)  Original                                     
Passport for individual investor       Original
Business license with Authentication letter of China Embassy for firm investors  Original                 
Passport of board directors (Copy) and supervisor ,assignment letters Original                                            
Chinese translations of documents if in Foreign Languages.              

3、Business License Approval
Approved in Industry & Commercial committee  
Duration: 7 working days
Documents required:
Regulations of Association(signed by investor)     Original
Passport for individual investor               Original
Business license with Authentication letter of China Embassy        Original   
Passport of board directors and supervisor and assignment documents   Original                                       
Resolution of Investor (Signed by Legal Representative of the Investor)    Original                                     
Appointment letter of legal representative          Original
Fill in the 《Application Form of Business Approval》  Signature                                
Chinese translations of Documents if in Foreign Languages.
one 2-inch photo of legal representative.       Original
4、Certificate of Business Code    
Duration:  1 working days

5、Foreign exchange Registration  
Duration: 2 working days

6、Open Foreign exchange capital account 
Duration: 3 working days

7、Taxation Registration
Duration: 7 working days

8、Open bank account
Time of opening company basic account: 7 workdays


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