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set up business in China information

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What are the basics to know when set up business in China?

For more and more investors to do business in China, thwy will establish companies to stay in China. But they do not know what tha China it is . So ATAHK we make you to know China much better .It is easy to misinterpret the role that the government plays in the corporate sphere. Regardless of the expeditious growth of the private sector, many big Chinese businesses in strategic sectors are still under state control.


Additionally - and allegedly - private firms are also often found to have some sort of state control.This supposed tentacle of control can have a big influence on the way a business operates. Therefore, you need to be aware of the vaster political environment that your partners and customers operate in .Be warned; a change in regional government official might affect the incentives or agreements reached with any predecessors. It is not unusual for officials to be arrested for corruption.


Tax Refunds
Another advantage of investing in a special zone is a possible tax refund. There are two types of tax refund that could be available:
By reinvesting profits back into your company, or other enterprises in the Investment Zone, you could receive a 40% refund of the Corporate Income Tax on your investment amount.
By reinvesting profits into an export-orientated or high-technology company, then you could receive a refund for the entire amount of Corporate Tax paid on the amount of the reinvestment.

Different types of Investment Zone
There are various Investment Zones which were established alongside the economic liberalisation of China. These include:
Special Economic Zones (SEZ)
Open Cities (OC)
Economic and Technological Development Zones (ETDZ)
Hi-tech Development Zones (HTDZ)
Free-Trade Zones (FTZ)
Export Processing Zones (EPZ)
Each of these zones has different prerequisites for setting up, and likewise they also offer varying advantages. Therefore, foreign investors seeking to establish in one of these zones should check the local regulations and policies to see which is best suited to their needs, product or service.
Special Economic Zones
Shenzhen, Xiamen, Zhuhai, Shantou and Hainan were formed in the '80s and were China's inaugural attempts at creating Investment Zones. Authorities in each area were given further independence to devise and develop their respective areas.
The incentives offered have unfortunately been greatly reduced since 's joining of World Trade Organisation. It is therefore no secret that Shenzhen is the only zone that maintains national importance because of its locality to . Other zones, however, attract investment through their far superior infrastructure, etc.


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ATAHK provides investors or businessmen with professional, quality-guaranteed and solution-orientated investment consultations, facilities and aftercare services through all stages of investment process in Hong Kong and PRC China. ATAHK is designed to quickly connect you to the people and information and the assistance you need for success in Hong Kong, PRC China and overseas.

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