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China business registry information

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China investment consultant service
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Why do we suggest investors to start China business registry ?

Now is the time to do business here. Because we know that China government has issued many polices to open market ans attract invsetors .But how can businesses best take advantage of this opportunity? Finding the right path into the China market brings its own unique challenges: Many have discovered that success in their markets is not entitlement to the same here in China. The lesson we learned from early entrants is clear: Do not invest here if you are not fully prepared and committed.


What can you tell me about marketing and advertising for China business registry ?
Traditionally, advertising in China does not have the influence on the consumer psyche that we have become accustom to in the West. The Chinese rely more on endorsement from friends and associates, or even their own research and reading. Your biggest tool is the uncontrollable asset of word-of-mouth


Marketing is stringently regulated by law. It emphasises that advertising should not be detrimental to the physical and mental health of citizens. It also must conform to Chinese sociological and political ethics, not corrupting the dignity and interests of the State.

Cultural issues and marketing
The concept, theory and symbolism of good and bad luck are sewn into the fabric of Chinese life. As such, misuse of numbers, animals, actions, etc, could have a positive or negative influence on a Chinese person's relationships and decision making.
Your products and marketing will benefit from knowing the following:
Four is regarded as unlucky. Four sounds similar to the word for death. Seven similarly has negative connotations
Eight is regarded as very lucky. Eight sounds similar to the words for prosperity and wealth.
Red and yellow and gold are regarded as lucky
Avoid white. It is associated with death and mourning
The use of propitious animals is admired: the dragon, phoenix, unicorn, tortoise, crane and fish are all popular
Images of China's Great Wall are symbolic of stability and reliability
Avoid name plaques for opening ceremonies. These are equated to death and tombs
Refrain from using black borders around names or photos of people. This is also associated with death.


ATAHK is staffed by a professional team of lawyers, accountants and consultants with a wealth of experience both in their respective professions as well as specifically in the offshore industry. its operational offices around the world is more than 120,000 square kilometers with 28 jurisdictions. This combination of offices and expertise enables ATAHK to provide an exceptional portfolio of quality services to a global client base.

ATAHK is dedicated to continually training its staff to ensure that they are fully conversant with the latest developments in the various jurisdictions which ATAHK covers.


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