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China- free zones service

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China- free zones service
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China Free trade zones are designated areas where foreign companies can engage in economic activities, that are generally not accepted elsewhere in the country.China Free trade zones are a specific class of special economic zones; an area where goods may be landed, handled, manufactured and re-exported without intervention of the customs authority.

China’s first Free Trade Zone opened in Shanghai in 2013 and was seen as a milestone in doing business in China.China announced big plans to further boost the cross border E-commerce market, by easing regulations and to expand the areas of the FTZs.

It’s a perfect example where FTZs can be highly useful. Doing business here is not that easy and can be seen as a daunting task to many. At the same time, imported products get increasingly popular, and many foreigners want to take advantage of lower labour costs.


What are the benefits of Free Trade Zones in China
Choosing a virtual office instead of a real one;
Procedures registering in a FTZ are much quicker and easier;
Less – or no – (import/export) taxes;
Easier conversion from RMB to foreign currencies;
Special customs monitoring system:
Detailed customs clearance is only needed in a later stage;
Faster custom clearances of goods;
No import tax when imported into the FTZ;
Bonded warehouses;
Broadening of investment horizons.


How many are China- free zones ?

1. Chongqing Free Trade Zone
2. Fujian Free Trade Zone
3. Guangdong Free Trade Zone
4. Henan Free Trade Zone
5. Hubei Free Trade Zone
6. Liaoning Free Trade Zone
7. Shaanxi Free Trade Zone
8. Shanghai Free Trade Zone
9. Sichuan Free Trade Zone
10. Tianjin Free Trade Zone
11. Zhejiang Free Trade Zone


China is looking careful at the results of FTZ’s and is slowly implementing new procedures and rules, both in the FTZ’s as well as in Mainland China. We will see the real impact of these FTZ’s in the decades to come.


China- free zones Service

 China- free zone Company Setup
 China- free zone    Company bank account opening;
China- free zone   Company accounting& tax declaration, tax authentication ,annual fillings;
 China- free zone invoice service;
China- free zone Import &export license
 China- free zone  General tax payer;
 China- free zone working visa (working permit and resident permit),family visa;  
China- free zone trademark design, registration;  Worldwide trademark registration, Patent and Copy right protection
China- free zone Payroll services
China- free zone purchase contract, labor contract ,Business plan draft, Market study; 
China- free zone Financial consulting and business legal consulting, etc.


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