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China- set up a company

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China- set up a company 
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China setup a company which is the company registration or formation in China. It is allowed solo shareholder to have China- set up a company.It could be wholly foreign-owned China company.  China- set up a company is China based company ,in accordance with the rule and regulations of China company laws.


As per China- set up a company, you may consider these factors:

Business Factors
Among the factors to consider when setting up businesses in China, business factors are relevant and in particular:
The industry and type of business
Nationality of the headquarters/individual(s) and
Presence of existing trade agreements or relationships


Location will be another factor. Separate cities and regions may have different rules, costs and availability. It is always recommended to seek advice from relevant professionals, such as business or legal advisors, accountants and others depending on your needs.


Although 80% of the population speaks Chinese, English is spoken by approximately 50% in first-tier cities in China.


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