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Registering a Company in China

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Registering a Company in China
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Nowadays, many expats are engaged in business activities in China. For business activities to run smoothly, it is a good option to register your business in China and operate it legally.


If you have a sound business plan and profit potential for business transactions and want to start a business in China;
If you entered China with a business visa and have long-term cooperation with Chinese companies;
If you hold a student visa and need to collect payment while preparing to start a business in China;
If you currently hold work visas but want to cooperate with other companies.

That would be easy moved forward on the business in China.The basic items to register a China company : to define the business type ; to confirm the business scope ; to get the business office address.
Then you could entrust us to prepre the company formatoon and collect paperwork-such as: shareholders, supervisors, and legal representatives

And to register the company, your company should at least include a legal person(who can also be the investor/shareholder); a finance manager, and a supervisor.

If your work visa is sponsored by the company, to extend it, you need to provide proof of hiring a Chinese employee and that you paid social insurance for him/her.

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