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Thailand Trademark Registration

Thailand Trademark Registration|China Trademark Registration

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Thailand Trademark Registration Service
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Thailand is not party to any international agreements on trademark ownership. This means that if your trademark is not registered in Thailand it is potentially at risk. To regain control of your mark after it has been registered by another, for whatever reason, is a time consuming and expensive business, and while you may indeed have better claim to the mark, you may still lose it. For modest fees we will protect your interests in Thailand. Although Thai law does, in certain circumstances, recognize the legality of foreign trademarks, such trademarks provide only limited protection. Thailand is not party to any international conventions or treaties providing reciprocal enforcement with regard to trademarks. Only by registering locally can a trademark owner be assured of his rights within the kingdom.


Trademarks registration in Thailand
Trademarks, collective marks, certification marks, and service marks may be registered in Thailand. Marks may include three-dimensional designs, photographs, paintings, device, design, words, letters, numerals, phrases, configurations of goods, and unique color combinations.

The needed documents for Thailand trademark registration
The law stipulates that the applicant or his agent must have a fixed place of business or an address in Thailand. Non-resident applicants can only resister a trademark by appointing an agent who is a Thai resident and granting him or her power of attorney.

Thailand trademark registration approval
The Trademark Registrar will review the application to ensure that the mark is distinctive and does not resemble an existing trademark or a Thai national or royal emblem.  It is often helpful to perform a trademark search prior to the submission of the application to avoid possible complications in the event that similar trademarks are registered.  If the Trademark Registrar determines that the mark is otherwise acceptable, the trademark will be published in the Trademark Journal.  If the mark is not challenged, a registration certificate will be issued after 90 days of publication. 

Time for Thailand trademark registration
The process takes roughly six months to one year from the date of filing.  However trademark protection begins on the day the application is filed.

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