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Madrid Brand Registration

madrid trademark registration|madrid brand name

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To fill a Madrid brand application
An international application can be filed in any one of the three languages of the Madrid system, namely, English, French or Spanish.  The Office of origin may, however, restrict the applicant’s choice to only one language, or to two languages, or may permit the applicant to choose between any of the three languages.

To pay for the Madrid brand application
A basic fee;
A complementary fee in respect of each designated Contracting Party for which no individual fee is payable;
A supplementary fee in respect of each class of goods and services beyond the third; no supplementary fee is payable however where all the designations are ones in respect of which an individual fee has to be paid.
These fees may be paid direct to the International Bureau or, where the Office of origin accepts to collect and forward such fees, through that Office.

The office consider the brand application
The Office of origin must certify that the mark is the same as that in the basic registration or basic application, that any indications such as a description of the mark or a claim to color as a distinctive feature of the mark are the same as those contained in the basic registration or basic application, and that the goods and services indicated in the international application are covered by the list of goods and services in the basic registration or basic application.
The Office of origin must also certify the date on which it received the request to present the international application. This date is important; provided the application is received by the International Bureau within two months of that date (and provided that certain crucial elements are not missing), it is that date that will be the date of the international registration.

The International Bureau checks that the international application complies with the requirements of the Agreement or Protocol and the Common Regulations, including requirements relating to the indication of goods and services and their classification, and that the required fees have been paid. The Office of origin and the applicant are informed of any irregularities; these must be remedied within three months, otherwise the application will be considered abandoned.
Where the international application complies with the applicable requirements, the mark is recorded in the International Register and published in the Gazette. The International Bureau then notifies each Contracting Party in which protection has been requested.


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