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Solutions to China Marketing and Branding

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Branding is the most crucial factor for your China business’ success. With the trend of globalization, businesses face stronger competitiveness among various brands. So how to make products stand out becomes one of the hottest topic for business owner or entrepreneurs. Tannet, with more than 20 years’ development, will advise you on Solutions to China marketing and branding strategy.

Be well equipped with China marketing and branding strategy, will help business owners get you more sales. There are some basic strategies you could adopt to enhance your sales.

Making use of Online Presence through SEO, SEM & Wechat
The digital and internet channels are what you should pay high importance to while planning and developing your China market, with the widely use of mobile phone apps and internet among  Chinese consumers.

To do the marketing and branding, you should have your own website, hosted on locals servers, especially in some common used languages like English, Chinese and others. That contributes to your business key words’ SEO ranking. Baidu is one of the most used search engines in China. That means, you could take in a good position in China market, if you take advantage of Baidu SEM tools.

Wechat is the most used app in China, which has close to 1 billions monthly users as a great communication tool or social media. A phenomenon of “微商” has come into being based on this fact, and a very large number of Chinese people even foreigners have become one member of them. So creating your brand’s own official account through wechat is one of the necessary steps you should take.

Live Selling
The other phenomenon is live selling through some social media platforms. More and more Chinese companies turns to some internet celebrities like Weiya, Li Jiaqi and even themselves like Dong Mingzhu from Gree have been trying on this method for selling their goods live. It turns out to be one of the most popular way for marketing and branding, especially when pandemic COVID-19 spreads, people in most of the countries facing the lockdown and staying at home for work for a quite long period of time.

Tannet’s Marketing and Branding Services
From an initial Chinese brand strategy to localised brand activation events, product package design and customer loyalty programmes, Tannet has the full service offering to develop and deliver a coherent brand development strategy unique to your business.

If you have further inquires, please do not hesitate to contact Tannet at anytime, Guangzhou Tannet Address:Unit 1001, 10/F, Blk A, Fengxing Plaza, NO.67 East Tianhe Rd, Guangzhou, China.
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