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China Import and Export License Application

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For investors in China, when doing international trading business, the import and export license will be needed. Many people want to apply the China import and export right. However they don't know how to get an import and export license with short time and lowest fee. We not only provide service of registering company in China, we also provide service of business follow-up, including applying for Import/Export license.

Advantages of import & export license:
1. Directly engaged in the import-export business;
2.The enterprise can carry out self produced products export business research the necessary machinery and equipment,
spare parts, raw and auxiliary materials import and export businesses;
3. Apply to join the import and export trade associations, participa-ion in national and local departments in charge of foreign trade organizations;
4. Abide by relevant state foreign trade policies and laws & regulations;
5. Positive foreign exchange earned through exports.


Requirements of import & export license application:
There is one basic requirement to apply for the license: to have your own company in mainland China. After you set up your own company, we then may proceed for Import/export license application for you.


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