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China Company Deregistration Process

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China Company Deregistration Process
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China company dergistration may happen due to various reasons. Closing down a company requires both time and cost. Simply walking away might seemingly save the investor these expenses in the short term. However, for investors with a future perspective on doing business in China or looking to close potentially significant liabilities, deregistering properly will pay off in the long term. With the option of doing future business in China at stake, it is beneficial for a company to carry out its deregistration in the prescribed manner. This report provides a step-by-step guide to the deregistration process.


Companies under the following circumstances are not qualified for the simplified procedure:
FIEs involved in special administration measures (industries on the negative list) as stipulated by the state;
Those recorded on the list of enterprises with abnormal operation, or list of enterprises which have committed serious violations;
Entities whose equity (investment rights and interests) are frozen or pledged, or its assets are mortgaged, etc.;
Those under investigation, compulsory administrative measure, judicial assistance, or administrative penalty, etc.;
Non-legal person branches of the company that have not yet been deregistered;
Those who have previously been ordered to terminate the simplified deregistration procedure; and
Those requiring approval before deregistration according to laws, regulations, and the State Council’s decisions.


Company De-registration Procedure
1. Apply for tax de-registration;
2. Submit the liquidation report issued by a Chinese chartered auditing firm;
3. Submit the auditing report and the related documents to the tax bureau officer for approval;
4. Submit certified approval to the Tax Bureau in the relevant district;
5. Obtain approval from the tax bureau, and resulting certificate issued by the tax bureau officer certifying the completion of the tax payment;
6. If the company is engaged in import and export, additional documents are required certifying the completion of tax payment from customs;
7. Apply and obtain de-registration of Foreign Exchange Registration approval Certificate;
8. De-registration of all bank accounts, including all foreign currency and RMB accounts;
9. Obtain De-registration of Registration Certificate;
10. Obtain De-registration of Enterprise Code Certificate ;
11. Obtain De-registration of Statistics Certificate.


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