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Nanchang WFOE Registration

China Nanchang Business Setup

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Nanchang WFOE registration is  to register a WFOE, which is a Chinese limited liability company, wholly owned by one or more foreign investors. This is an investment vehicle often favored by foreign investors because it is (or is supposed to be) under their full control as there is no local partner. Furthermore, its preparation and establishment procedure does not involve all the lengthy negotiations that a sino-foreign joint venture usually takes.

Documents shall be submitted for the establishment of a wholly foreign-owned enterprise:

(1)Application submitted by the investors or the intermediary institutions entrusted by them;
(2)The Application Form for the Establishment of a Wholly Foreign—owned Enterprise in China signed by the representative of the legal person of all parties and stamped by the foreign investors;
(3)The valid business certificate of the foreign investors;
(4)Documentation certifying the investor’s creditworthiness;
(5)The feasibility study report of the project;
(6)The certificate of the name of enterprise issued By the Administration bureau of Industry and Commerce;
(7)The articles of association signed by the representative of the legal person of all parties and stamped by the foreign investors;
(8)The name list of the board members,certificate of appointment of the board members,and ID of the above—mentioned members;
(9)The code of national organizations and institutions issued by the sector of Quality&Technical Supervision;
(10) The valid certificate of business site;
(11)Balance sheets for the past three years of operation of the investor;
(12)Other document needed by the government;


Our Services A WFOE Registrationbout Nanchang

ATAHK provides one-stop and tailor-made services for foreign companies which would like to set up WFOE in Nanchang. 7 copies of Approval document; 2 copies of original articles of association signed by members of the Board and with company chop; 2 copies of certificate of approval; Both original and duplicate copy of business license; 4 chops for different use; Seal carving registration card; Bank account documents; Both original and duplicate copy of Organization Code License & card; Registration license and form of National &Local Administration of Taxation; Foreign exchange registration license and approval certificate; Customs declaration registration certification; Financial Registration For Enterprises With Foreign Investment.


Follow-up Services of Nanchang WFOE Registration
ATAHK can provide a series of follow-up services to customers, such as bank account opening, bookkeeping, auditing, monthly tax return and tax layout, annual return services, financial planning and China market study, Other services include domain name registration, webpage design, website promotion, China trademark registration, Work Permit, Residence Permit, etc.


Notes About Nanchang WFOE Registration:
1. Hand over of such as for non- Chinese document, need the translation organization that China specifies a translation, Chinese, hand over together.
2.Carry out time to hand over a well-found day by consigning down payment and data since start computing.


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