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Shenzhen virtual office services

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Shenzhen Virtual Office Service
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A virtual office provides your business with the corporate image and business infrastructure of a multinational company without the cost. Your business will get a prestigious business address and a designated local phone number with a receptionist answering your calls in your company name. Professionally trained secretarial staff will manage your correspondence, and can provide additional administrative and support services as you need them.


Who Uses Virtual Offices?

1) Businesses of all sizes; entrepreneurs, home businesses, SME’s and corporations, can benefit from establishing a strong corporate presence with a virtual office:

2) Local companies requiring a premium façade office

3) Companies that are testing or setting up operations in a new market and are not yet prepared to take on the expense of a permanent office

4) Companies in need of a project office or local contact info for the duration of a project


5) Companies testing a new market before committing to a permanent presence

6) Small Businesses who want a credible business address to put on their business card, letterhead, and corporate collaterals.

7) Conglomerates or holding companies looking to have a local presence in all locations in which they have business interests

8) Entrepreneurs in need of premium meeting rooms for key business meetings

9) Businesses with premises outside the city centre, which require meeting rooms or workspace in the city centre.

10) Small and Medium Sized Enterprises with offices outside the CBD who want a local CBD address, or who want to expand their scope with satellite addresses in other cities in Asia.


How can a virtual office help my business to expand?

A business with local contact information is much more accessible to prospective clients than a business with contact information in another country or city. With a local address and phone number supplied by a virtual office, you won’t lose business just because you aren’t locally based.


What services and benefits do I receive as part of the Virtual Office package?

The packages vary according to the package purchased. All virtual office clients have the option of purchasing services not included in their plan on a pay-as-you-use basis. For example, a Business Address Plan client that needs to use video-conferencing for 30 minutes only, may do so, and at a preferential rate.


Does a virtual office provide access to Meeting Rooms and Video Conferencing?

Yes; virtual office clients gain access to all of our meeting rooms, boardrooms, and training and seminar rooms in our network of 60 centres spanning the Asia Pacific region.A Shared Office Plan comes with three complimentary hours of meeting room usage, and more meeting room usage can be added to your plan at discounted rates. Our meetings rooms are equipped with high quality videoconference equipment, LCD projectors, whiteboards, and broadband-internet connections. Freshly brewed coffee, tea and water for you and your guests are complimentary.


Who needs Virtual Office? - Its designed for everyone

1) Individuals who wants to start new business with lower risk and initial cost

2) Individuals who started their own business and need office address with local phone number to register my business entity

3) For those individuals who are too busy handling lots of adminstration work, and want to more focus on their own core business


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