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Shenzhen Logistics Industry Equity Joint Venture (EJV) Formation

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Shenzhen Logistics Industry Joint Venture, also short as Shenzhen Logistics Industry JV  is a business arrangement in which the participants create a new business entity in Shenzhen Logistics Industry.

Shenzhen Logistics Industry EJV Concept
The Sino-Foreign Equity Joint Venture is the enterprise that foreign enterprise and other economic organizations or individuals (hereinafter referred to as “foreign joint ventures”) to establish equity joint venture together with Chinese companies, enterprise and other economic organizations (hereinafter referred to as “Chinese joint ventures”) in Shenzhen Logistics Industry within the territory of the People's Republic of China, on the principle of equality and subject to approval by the Chinese Government. Both parties of the venture shall share the profits, risks and losses in proportion to their contributions to the registered capital. 


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