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Shenzhen Company Formation

Shenzhen Company Formation

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Shenzhen is located within the Pearl River Delta, bordering Hong Kong to the south, Huizhou to the north and northeast, Dongguan to the north and northwest. It separates with New Territories by a river, usually dubbed ‘backyard garden of Hong Kong’. It impressed the world with its construction and sound investment environment. In order to know better about how to set up a company in Shenzhen, sino-foreign joint venture in particular, below are concise explanation.

1. Conception of sino-foreign joint venture
It refers to both a Chinese joint venture and a foreign joint venture joint invest and operate in mainland China under the Law of the People’s Republic of China. They share profits, bear risks and losses in accordance with investment ratio. Foreign investors could be foreign firms, foreigners or partners (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). Chinese investors must be enterprises.


2. Procedures
1) Fill out an application form;
2) Provide company name;
3) Payment receive;
4) Provide all the relevant documents;
5) Submit documets to the government;
6) It will take around 30 to 50 days after receiving all the documents


3. Documents for Chinese enterprise
1) Original copy of minutes or resolutions of the board of directors;
2) Scanning copy of Chinese company business license;
3) Company seal;
4) Scanning copy of annual report (company registration more than one year)


4. Documents for both sides
1) Scanning copy of the cooperation agreement between the two parties;
2) Make sure registered capital and company activity;
3) Feasibility report;
4) Articles of association;
5) Original and scanning copy of identity certificate of Chinese legal representative;
6) If setting up the boards of directors, a list of all directors and a copy of their identity documents are needed


5. Contact us
If you have further inquires, please do not hesitate to contact Tannet at anytime, anywhere by simply visiting Tannet’s website, or calling Hong Kong hotline at 852-27826888 or China hotline at 86-755-82147392, or writing email to You are also welcome to visit our office situated in 16/F, Taiyangdao Bldg 2020, Dongmen Rd South, Luohu, Shenzhen, China.

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