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Xiamen Company Equity Transfer

Xiamen Company Followup Services /Xiamen Company Equity Transfer

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Xiamen Company Equity Transfer Service
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Xiamen Company Equity Transfer means that the shareholders of a Xiamen company transfer their own shares to others under the condition of the related law and regulations, and so that others will become shareholders. Therefore we can tell that equity transfer is quite a frequent way for shareholders to exercise their options.

Xiamen Company Equity Transfer – General Information 
According to the Chinese "Company Law", Shareholders are entitled to transfer their entire investment or part of their investment to others through legal ways. Equity Transfer Agreement refers to the agreement reached by the transferor for the purpose of reaching the delivery options on and receiving the intended capital.


Xiamen Company Equity Transfer – The Advantages About Equity Transfer
Firstly, Xiamen company equity transfer can make contributions to reducing the cost of acquisition. To be simply put, that is, it can help save the cost of company. And secondly, Xiamen company equity transfer can achieve the purpose of M & A, and also get the price rent. It helps make more profits.

Xiamen Company Equity Transfer – Transfer Procedures

Step 1. Negotiation.
This step is to find trading partners, the subject of trade, price and other basic content to reach a preliminary intention.
Step 2. Reach an agreement of over a half shareholders.
Step 3. Other shareholders give up their rights of first refusal.
This step can be solved together with the second step.
Step 4. Sign an equity transfer agreement.
Step 5. Record the changes to the company equity transfer.
Step 6. Apply to the industry and commerce registration department for equity transfer.


Xiamen Company Equity Transfer – Required Materials
To ensure the success of Xiamen company equity transfer, the Limited Liability Companies should prepare a name list of shareholders with the following information: name and resident address of shareholders; contributed capital of shareholders; the number of capital contribution certificate.

Xiamen Company Equity Transfer – Our Services
ATAHK Corporate High-end Knowledge Process Service Center is staffed with about 200 professionals, including lawyers, accountants, auditor from HK, US, Malaysia, specializing in services of knowledge process undertaking (KPU) and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). It is set up to meet the clients’ urgent demand for services in business operation and management solutions, financial and investment layouts.


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