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Documents needed to register a company in the British Virgin Islands

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The prestige of this jurisdiction has a downside. The documentation requirements are generally stricter than in more "democratic" offshore zones. Documents needed to register a company in the British Virgin Islands are as follows:

1 A certified identification document.

A passport (foreign or domestic) is the most readily-accepted document. Next, in descending order, a national ID-card or driving licence (only acceptable if it contains a photo of the owner). The authenticity of the document must be certified by a notary, lawyer, certified public accountant, an employee of the embassy or consulate, a bank manager, a police officer or other person authorized to certify documents.


2 Proof of residence.
What is it? Any official document showing your name and address together. The most popular options are: utility bill (except mobile phone bills), bank statement (including credit card statement), a certificate from the housing department, an extract from the register of residents, a letter from a notary, bank official, etc.


3 Reference letter from the bank.
This formal document can easily be provided by almost any bank. Banks are familiar with this procedure and, as a rule, each bank has its own format.In this letter, the bank confirms that the relevant person has been a customer of the bank for however many years, and reports the absence of any claims to this person .


4 Confirmation of the source of legal funds.
This is usually a bank statement. Actual figures in this account are not that important. The law only requires proof that the client has legal funds.


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