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Bank Account Services in Hong Kong

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Bank Account Services in Hong Kong


All banks in Hong Kong offer you the services you would generally expect from institutions with an international standing. Both product information and account statements are usually available in English or Chinese.


Services you get at nearly any bank include:
• Savings and current accounts
• Time deposit accounts
• Foreign currency accounts
• Standing orders
• Money transfers
• Credit
• Currency exchange (sometimes free of charge for account holders)
• Direct debit
• Investment advice
• Insurance services

What are Common Bank Account Fees?
Most banks in Hong Kong charge for account maintenance and no fee bank accounts are not common. In some cases, you can avoid paying the fee by maintaining a set amount of money in your account. Keep in mind that some accounts might also require minimum deposits. It will depend on the bank of your choosing as well as the type of account you wish to open. Some savings accounts ask for 10 HKD (1 USD) as initial deposit, while others might require you to start your account with 200,000 HKD (25,700 USD).


Most banks also charge other service fees, such as for closing an account, keeping an inactive account with less than a certain lump sum, and changing standing orders. The fee the bank charges you for overdrawing your account largely depends on the type of account you hold.


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