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Work Permit Application in Shanghai

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Shanghai Work Permit Application Service
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Work permit, generally called Z visa or residence permit, is issued to foreigners who are to invest their own WOFE, Joint-Venture Enterprise, Manufacturing, Representative(R.O) in Shanghai or to take up posts or employment in a Shanghai company, and their accompany family members, such as parents, kids, wife and husband.


Work Permit Application in Shanghai - How to Get Work Visa /Residence Permit in Shanghai
Get work visa through register WOFE in Shanghai (2~5 years work visa)
As the investor or legal representative of the Shanghai company, or chief representative of Shanghai Representative office, there is no restriction on your nationality, education, age and work experience, you could apply for work visa if passed medical checking in Shanghai.

Get work visa through set up Representative Office (1 year work visa)
You can set up your Representative Office (Rep. Office) in Shanghai if your overseas company has been registered more than 2 years; According to the latest regulations on Rep office, you can have maximum 4 foreigners working in the Rep office, including the chief representative. Work as Representative, there is no requirement on your education background and work experience for work visa application.


Get Job position in a Shanghai company (1~5 years work visa)
If the investment capital of the Shanghai company is higher than RMB300,000, no matter it is FICE (Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise),foreign consulting company, foreign science and technology company, foreign manufacturing, food and beverage company, or joint-venture enterprise, and even local domestic company, all of them has right to hire you as employee, and apply work visa for you .

Work Permit Application in Shanghai - Work visa renewal / prolong in Shanghai
If you already have work visa and will continue your labor contract with your current company, please remember:
1) The renewal procedure could be started ahead of 30 days.
2) If your passport will be expired within one year or not have enough blank visa page, please try to apply a new one in advance, otherwise it will affect your work visa application;
3) Please apply the new Registration Form of Temporary Residence if your living address or passport or work visa changed.
4) Lead time: 2 working weeks after documents available.


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