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Shanghai Work Permit

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Shanghai Work Permit Application Service
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Shanghai work permit (also called Z visa or residence permit now) is issued to an alien who comes to Shanghai for a post or employment, commercial performance or academic exchanges.


Shanghai Work Permit – Basic Documents for Shanghai Work Permit
To obtain a work visa from overseas Chinese consulates or visa office in Hong Kong, you are required to provide two basic documents: an Alien Employment License and a Z visa Invitation letter (or called Z visa notification form, Z visa notice). Most of Chinese consulates require original copies of the two documents, in addition to those two documents; a medical examination report could also be required in certain countries.

Shanghai Work Permit – Change of Visa
Chief Representative in the representative office, legal representative or investor of the WFOE which has their name appeared on their business licenses are allowed to change their L or M visas into Z visa/residence permit in China without leaving. Above information only based on Shanghai visa rules.


Shanghai Work Permit - Notice
1) According to the local Shanghai immigration policy, for the first time when you apply the Residence permit, you have to show up (the second time no need to show up) in the government to take a digital picture, they need to confirm you are the same person of the passport holder then the officer will accept your visa application.

2) For following countries: France, Austria, Belgium, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, German, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland. It takes 4 working days to apply Z visa in HK (The other countries will take only 2 working days)


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