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Shanghai Company Annual Filing

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Shanghai Company Annual Filing Service
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Shanghai company annual filing is a summary of the most relevant information pertaining to a company and close corporation. By lodging annual returns companies and close corporations ensure that the CIPC is in possession of the latest information. It also confirms that the company and close corporation is still in business or will be doing business in the near future.

Shanghai Company Annual Filing – Content of Shanghai Company Annual Filing
It must include details of:
1. The company’s registered office address
2. What type of business the company runs (e.g. retail, accountancy, catering)
3. The address where the company’s list of shareholders is kept
4. The type of limited company (e.g. limited by shares, limited by guarantee)
5. Name and address of all company directors (and company secretary if you have one)
6. The number and value of shares issued by the company and who owns them
7. Where details of ‘debentures’ (a type of loan the company has taken out with a promise to repay at a specific time in the future) are kept


Shanghai Company Annual Filing – Annual Filing Avenues in Shanghai
The Act makes a distinction between local companies and external companies’ annual returns and the content of each differs. There will therefore be three annual return lodgment avenues as follows:
1. Annual return lodgment avenues for local companies
2. Annual return lodgment avenues for external companies
3. Annual return lodgment avenues for close corporations.

Shanghai Company Annual Filing –Time of Shanghai Company Annual Filing
Annual returns for local and external companies must be filed within 30 business days from the anniversary date of incorporation. If filing later that the 30 business days an increased fee is payable up until the company is deregistered due to non-compliance.


No manual lodgment of annual returns will be allowed, due to the volumes involved. There is no distinction under the new Companies Act between company types and non-profit companies will therefore also be required to lodge annual returns.

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