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US Trademark Application Basis

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The United States uses the "prior" principle. That is, if the right to use a trademark obtains the practical commercial purposes, it shall be used as a proof of the trademark registration certificate and a preliminary proof of the right of evidence. Therefore, the applicant should ensure that the trademark actually used in business can obtain the trademark right, and should register in a timely manner to consolidate the rights.


US Trademark Application Basis
1.Practical use:
This method is mainly applicable to the application of trademark in the United States, submitting the application and submitting the certificate of use. In order to save procedures and costs, more domestic applicants use this method at present, but not for the actual use of applicants, the integrity of the risks to be borne.

2.Intention to use:
These Measures are mainly used to apply for trademarks to be used in the United States. The relevant certificates can be submitted within six months after the initial authorization, which can be extended for six months, not more than three years, and pay additional fees.

3.Domestic situation:
Mainly used to apply for trademark registration or application in China, the applicant can submit an application to the United States on the basis of registration or application, but the application must conform to the domestic basis.


More detailed commodity classification
Although the United States is classified according to international classification, its commodity service items are often more elaborate than the classification of commodity services. For example, commodity computer peripheral equipment "is a good classification standard item, but in the United States commodities are unacceptable, because commodity" computer peripheral equipment, the scope is too wide, not specific. If you want to be accepted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, you must refine keyboard, mouse, modem, scanner, printer, etc. In addition, the United States does not limit the number of goods or services required by each regulation, but because the United States advocates the principle of "use", applicants must choose goods or services that are produced and sold in a way that is not considered to be more products. The scope of trademark protection is broader, and it is quite possible to choose some that are not produced and sold in all or provide services. Can lead to trademark revocation.


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