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Shanghai Company Cancellation

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When a company can't operate without capital inflow, we have to cancel it. The process of company deregistration is very complicated and cumbersome, it usually lasts for three to five months or maybe five to seven months to cancel a company if it encounters difficulties. Here is the detailed process of Shanghai company deregistration.


Cancellation process of Shanghai Company
A. Tax cancellation is the first step in the cancellation of a company.           
B. Cancellation of business license          
C. The cancellation of the company's social security;           
D. The company bank cancels the public account;           
E. Company tax review report;           
F. The company cancels the announcement.

Reasons for cancellation of Shanghai Company
There are internal and external reasons for the cancellation of Shanghai company, such as the company's poor operation, poor market and so on. External causes, such as revocation or revocation, are as follows:
A.The shareholders or the shareholders' meeting shall make a resolution on the dissolution of the company.
B.The company declares bankruptcy according to law.
C.The articles of association stipulate that the business term shall expire and not be renewed.
D.The cause of dissolution as prescribed by the articles of association or the law appears.
E.The company is disbanded due to merger or separation.
F.The company is forced to dissolve according to law.
G.Re-write-off after revocation or revocation of the company.


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