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Representative Office Formation in Shanghai

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Shanghai Foreign Business Representative Office, also known as the Permanent Representative Office of Foreign Enterprises in China. For some foreign investors who have just entered the Chinese market, the formation of a Representative Office is a better bridge for the transition. Especially Shanghai, an international metropolis, has been favored by many foreign investors, so many enterprises have registered with Representative Office in Shanghai. The following is the details of Shanghai Representative Office Formation.


Procedure for Shanghai Representative Office Formation
1.If approval is required first, the applicant shall go to the examination and approval authority to go through the examination and approval formalities first.
2. Submit the application online and then submit the required documents to the industrial and commercial office after the approval of the preliminary examination.
3. The registration authority will provide a feedback within 15 days from the date of accepting the application. 
4.The applicant shall go to the registration hall of the industrial and commercial bureau to collect the registration certificate and representative certificate.


Conditions for Shanghai Representative Office Formation
1.officially registered enterprise overseas 
2.lasting for more than two years


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