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China Trademark Registration

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If you are starting a business in China, it is important to know that China does not recognize unregistered trade mark rights. It is highly recommended that trade marks are registered before starting a business in China.


Documents List:
1.Company Registration Certificate, Business Registration Certificate, Business License;
2.Trademark pattern in clear JPG format. (It could be words, images, combination of words and graphics, or other trademark combinations.)
3.Description the goods or services, which the trademark is applied to
4.Name of entrepreneur, company address, Email address, phone number.


Timeline and Overall process:
1.It takes about 1-3 month for you to get the notification of acceptance.
2.It takes about 10-12 months for you to get the result of the trademark examination by the China State Intellectual Property office.
3. If the trademark passes the examination of the China Trademark office, it will be published on the website “TM gazette” of China Trademark office for 3 months.
4. After the gazette, if no one has opposed the trademark, you will be given the certificate of the trademark within 1 month.


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