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Korean company registration

Korean company registration

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Korean companyregistration conditions

Conditions for registration in Korea:
1. Name of the company to be used (at least three in English and Chinese, search first)
2. Copy of ID card or passport of directors and shareholders (at least two natural persons, no matter what nationality)
3. Fill in the power of attorney/agreement of the registered company

4. Provide domestic business license, registered capital: to the lowest registered capital of 100 million won (about 54-600,000 RMB, according to the exchange rate of the Korean currency), and need to be fully in place (such as each increase in the registered capital of a shareholder also need to increase twice), and must be notarized by a Chinese notary office or a lawyer
5. The total registration time takes 30 working days
6. Registered address must be located in Korea, dennett can provide for you
7. Shareholders and directors of the company: Shareholders can be legal persons and natural persons, including representative directors. The registration of a Korean company requires at least two directors and one guardianship, and a total of three directors. Non-korean native registered, shares must account for more than 10%)
If you have more questions about the registration conditions of Korean companies, please contact Shanghai Denit consulting details. 


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