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Shanghai RO Application Documents

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Shanghai RO Application Documents
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A Chinese representative office (RO) is an institute, representing its parent company for liaison purpose with Chinese counterparts. A RO is not considered to be a separate legal entity. It can not directly engage in business operation and transaction. However, through which its parent company can enter into contracts with its supplier/customers in China with its own name, but not under the name of RO. A representative office is popular for those who are willing to enter China at the test period of business and investment.
Application Documents :

1. Application for registration (filing) of permanent representative offices of foreign (regional) enterprises.
2. Proof of domicile of foreign (regional) enterprises and legal business certificate with a duration of more than 2 years. It refers to the subject qualification certificate or other relevant business certificates issued by the relevant departments of the country or region where the foreign (regional) enterprise is located.
3. Articles of association or organizational agreement of foreign (regional) enterprises.
4. Authorization or certification documents issued by foreign (regional) enterprises for the authorized signatory.
5. Appointment documents of chief representative and representative of foreign (regional) enterprises.
6. Credit certificate issued by financial institutions that have business dealings with foreign (regional) enterprises.
7. Resumes and identity certificates of the chief representative and representatives.
8. Certificate of legal use of the representative office's premises. Submit a copy of the ownership certificate for the self owned property and submit the original for verification; For the leased house, submit the original of the lease agreement and the copy of the lessor's property right certificate. If the above cannot provide the copy of the property right certificate, submit the copy of other house property right use certificates that can prove the ownership of the property right.
9. Approval documents of the approval authority. Where a representative office is required by laws, administrative regulations or the State Council to obtain approval for its business activities, it shall obtain approval.

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