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Brief Introduction Of ATAHK Yiwu

Yiwu Export and Import Qualifications Application

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Yiwu Company Registration
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Brief Introduction
Yiwu is renowned as a sea of small commodities and a paradise for shoppers by the United Nations. ATAHK Yiwu was established here in 2001. With a strong team of professionals, it provides China expats with domestic and international trading, documents processing and some other business process outsourcing services.

Business Service
Basic Business Service
ATAHK Yiwu offers business start-ups and follow-ups, trade contract process and quality control, procurement and go errand, export tax rebate, bank document and work visa service.


High-End Business Service
ATAHK Yiwu offers China expats services about personal and financial management, tax and finance plan, investment plan, equity transfer and virtual office rental services.


Special Offer

ATAHK Yiwu specializes in shares transfer, asset evaluation, overseas investment and financing advisory, brand design and business web construction, work permit and trading services.


Contact Us
If you have further queries, don’t hesitate to contact ATAHK anytime, anywhere by simply visiting ATAHK’s website , or calling Hong Kong hotline at 852-27826888 or China hotline at 86-579-85206707, or emailing to
Yiwu address: R.1906,Block A,FuTian Building,North ChouZhou Road, YiWu,ZheJiang,China

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