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Foreign Enterprise Registration-China JV Registration

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China JV Registration
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Foreign Enterprise Registration is also called overseas-funded enterprise registration, foreign-owned company registration, foreign company registration and foreign-funded enterprise registration. Since the implementation of the reform and open-up policy, China has been seen a booming economic, which brought not only numerous business opportunities, but also investors all over the world.

Foreign Enterprise Registration-Advantages of China Joint Venture
1) The use of local partner’s existing workforce and facilities
2) Existing channels for sales and distribution
3) Use of a partner’s network to build good relationships; avoid red tape and other bureaucratic complexities
4) Entry into industrial sectors which exclude wholly foreign-owned investment


Foreign Enterprise Registration-Internal Supervision of China joint venture registration
JVs are also required to appoint at least one individual (of any nationality and residency) as the supervisor of the JV.  The supervisor’s primary role is to monitor the affairs of the JV and the directors of the JV, and to report any irregularities to the board of directors of the JV and to the investor(s) of the JV.


Foreign Enterprise Registration-Regulatory Supervision of China joint venture registration
In addition to filling annual taxes, JVs must submit an annual audit report to the AIC.


Foreign Enterprise Registration-Legal Liability of China joint venture registration
A JV is a limited liability company, where the liability of the JV’s investor(s) is generally limited to the assets of the JV.


Foreign Enterprise Registration-Office Lease of China joint venture registration
Before beginning the application process investors must lease office space for their future business. It is recommended that a clause be added to the lease voiding the contract without penalty should the JV application be rejected. Office relocation requires a tax clearance declaration report, essentially an audit of the company.


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