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Profile of ATAHK Group Limited

ATAHK—A Sound Global Business Solution Partner, business consultancy

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China FIPE Formation Service
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ATAHK Group Limited is an expert in corporate formation, trademark registration and all the follow-up business-related activities. ATAHK was set up in Hong Kong in 2000. With ten years' development, the group has established a sound service network worldwide for the small and medium-sized enterprises, all the services are business-orientated and solution-orientated.

With 28 offices and over 180 staff worldwide, ATAHK is able to cater to the need of SME enterprises. ATAHK enables to meet the different needs and expectations of its clients with consistent high quality of services around the world.


Global Branches of ATAHK Group Limited
ATAHK adopts syndicated operations, chain management, global coalition and one-stop services. It has set up directly-owned or cooperative service branches in all popular cities of the world. Major directly-owned service branches include those in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu, Quanzhou, Fujian, Yiwu, London, Delaware, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Paris France, Berlin Germany, Labuan, Apia Samoa, Victoria Seychelles, Seoul South Korea, etc. Investors are welcome to contact one of the above branches for business consultation.


ATAHK –Symbol of Quality and Profession
ATAHK is the world’s corporate formation provider and administer, providing a comprehensive range of services relating to corporate formation and ongoing statutory compliance in all leading jurisdictions. ATAHK is the recognized industry leader and are proud of the products and services with aims of business-orientated and success-orientated. All of which are supported with its own Guarantee of Quality and Profession.


ATAHK boasts of its experienced multi-disciplined professional staff, with backgrounds in law, accounting, company secretarial administration, and sales and marketing, They are able to provide on-going services and technical support to assist with company maintenance issues as well as obtaining of legal opinions in all of the various jurisdictions ATAHK covers.


ATAHK’S Services
ATAHK provides with one-stop consulting service to its clients and co-operators as follows:
Providing Incorporations with special names or special features on request; Providing one-stop consulting service especially tailor-made for the businessmen investing in Hong Kong and China; Assisting in the establishment of specific structures for particular client needs, such as acting as share registrar, mutual fund administration services, and offshore bank account opening and administration; Providing a comprehensive range of offshore trustee and corporate services including the provision of nominee directors and shareholders. Providing accounting and re-invoicing services, financial planning, tax arrangement, financial control and report system; Assisting consulting services, including import and export formalities, international structure, management of cash flow, stock, internal control system, and the operational procedures. Providing trademark registration and authorization, and further more, brand image planning in line with corporate strategy. Providing liquidation and striking off services.


ATAHK Service with value
ATAHK puts top priority of our clients needs and regards every service as important as required. ATAHK’s client service approach is built upon fully understanding the quality and range of services its clients need. Its approach has these key benefits: -ATAHK’s’ staff understands your business and can add value to your business - Your needs are managed and resolved efficiently and promptly. - You are assured of immediate attention and service worldwide


ATAHK’s competitiveness on cost is secured through the high volume of companies which it incorporates in all major offshore centres.

ATAHK’s Commitments

ATAHK seeks to develop business partnerships with our clients and strives to add value to their businesses. ATAHK’s aims to achieve this by ensuring that its services are tailored to its clients' needs and that quality is a core attribute. ATAHK aims to be a leading global competitor and the pre-eminent supplier of companies and associated services to professionals by: -Providing clients with the highest quality products and services offering confidentiality, professionalism and integrity; Having the best qualified staff trained to the highest standards in the industry; - Providing its own Guarantee of Quality with every company sold


When you buy from ATAHK, you buy the reassurance of world-renowned quality, reliability with unrivalled service and experience.


ATAHK Staffs
ATAHK is staffed by a professional team of lawyers, accountants and consultants with a wealth of experience both in their respective professions as well as specifically in the offshore industry. its operational offices around the world is more than 120,000 square kilometers with 28 jurisdictions. This combination of offices and expertise enables ATAHK to provide an exceptional portfolio of quality services to a global client base.


ATAHK is dedicated to continually training its staff to ensure that they are fully conversant with the latest developments in the various jurisdictions which ATAHK covers.


ATAHK Keeps Its Clients and Cooperators Informed
ATAHK’s staff regularly presents at seminars and conduct professional development trainings on relevant issues and topics that are of interest to its clients.


ATAHK—Hong Kong Solution and China Solution Provider
ATAHK provides investors or businessmen with professional, quality-guaranteed and solution-orientated investment consultations, facilities and aftercare services through all stages of investment process in Hong Kong and PRC China. ATAHK is designed to quickly connect you to the people and information and the assistance you need for success in Hong Kong, PRC China and overseas.


Contact Us
If you have further queries, don’t hesitate to contact ATAHK anytime, anywhere by simply visiting ATAHK’s website , or calling Hong Kong hotline at 852-27826888 or China hotline at 86-755-82143422, or emailing to

ATAHK—A Sound Global Business Solution Partner, Serving the World of Business, Professionally & Reliably.

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