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China Company Registration Advantages

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China Company Registration
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China Company Registration Concept

China Company Registration is the term for the process of incorporation of a business in China. It is also sometimes referred to as China company registration. The forms of China Company registration can be divided into Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, Representative Office, Equity joint venture, Co-operative joint venture and Foreign Investment Enterprise.

Overview of China Company registration
The statistics from China Industrial and Commercial Bureau show that the number of foreign enterprisers in China amount to 439.3 thousand in 2011, decreasing 7.2 thousand than last year, however the registered capital amount to 11.6 trillion, 7 billion greater than last year. During the current financial crisis, the number of foreign enterprises in China presents a situation of reduction, but a growth in registered capital.


China Company Registration Advantages
It demonstrates that China company registration still keeps a strong attraction for oversea investors. China maintains a kind of relatively strong stability during the international financial crisis, compared with other countries. Since the reforms of the late 1970s, the Chinese government has created an increasingly sound investment environment for foreign investment, and China’s foreign investment attraction is actually continually enhanced. 


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