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China company incorporation information

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China company incorporation service
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With a lot of preferential policies , and China has many regions for open market. Like FTZ --free trade zone. SO many businessmen want to catch chances to do business with China . Besides the obvious potential for selling consumer goods, China has a requirement for a wide range of agricultural and industrial raw materials, high tech components, capital goods and services.Many top brand names from across the world can now be found in the local high street of most major Chinese cities.

China business setup-Forms of investment--China company incorporation information
1.Sino-foreign joint ventures
2.Cooperative businesses
3.Wholly foreign-owned enterprises
4.Joint exploitation
5.Foreign-funded share-holding companies
6.New types of foreign investment, such as BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)

China company incorporation information--China company formation services offered by ATAHK include:
Obtaining a detailed credit report on a Chinese company
Introducing possible joint-venture partners
Market research and feasibility study
Attending to corporate and personal tax registration
Assistance in finding office space
Staff Recruitment
Opening of bank accounts in local and foreign currencies
Book keeping and arranging for audit of accounts


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