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China ready-made company

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Register China Company service
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Many persons heard about the ready-made company , but they mostly do not know what it is like . So ATAHK we help you to supply the detail information for that who wnat to know it well. The detail information as follows :


What is the Ready-made Company?  -----  China ready-made company definition 
China Ready-Made Company is one of ATAHK's corporate services provided for China expats and overseas investors. It takes a shorter time to buy a ready-made company than to register a new one. Tannet provides you with many China ready-made companies for choice.


China  Ready-Made Company-Characteristics
1. It has not appointed a director:
2. It has certificate of incorporation, seal of company, stock certificate book and other documents required by law
3. It has not applied for business registration certificate, without business activities:
4. The purchaser can make purchase only by supplying necessary documents.

China Ready-Made Company-Name Incorporation
As a newly-incorporated company, the intended company name should also be checked with Companies Registry, only if it is available, the shelf company can apply to Companies Registry for change of name. This process will take about 14 workdays in general.


ATAHK we can supply many diffrrenr types of China  Ready-Made Companies. If the investors want to purchase the company , please check our website. We will welcome.


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