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Business in China information

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China investment consultant service
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As the past 30 years, the Chinese government has at times opened the door wide for foreign companies to participate in its domestic economic growth. And Chin has joined in WTO, the economy in China is steady and well .More foreigners have desire to do business in China .China it has kept the door firmly closed. While some global leaders, such as automotive original-equipment manufacturers, have turned China into their single largest source of profits, others, especially in the service sectors, have been challenged to capture a meaningful share of revenue or profits.


Foreign Chambers of Commerce and governments have been active in petitioning the Chinese government to clarify the changing visa situation because of its potential to disrupt existing trade, but left out of the debate are the legions of entrepreneurs who come to China on their own to study business opportunities and even launch their own sourcing, Internet, or F&B business. The fact that many entrepreneurs may start without a proper Wholly-owned Foreign Enterprise is the start of the problem.


In practical terms, this means their business has no legal status in China. That usually doesn’t stop a wily entrepreneur, who may have an offshore or Hong Kong-based company to handle the legal transactions. The situation now, however, is that those entrepreneurs may not be able to get business visas to continue working on their company and will face tremendous time and money costs to establish a legal presence. At this stage, many entrepreneurs are in limbo or frantically looking for ways to set up a WOFE quickly to sponsor their own visas.

ATAHK we supply the service for all investors to do businesa in China :
Market entry and growth
Doing deals
Managing risks
Internal control
Human resources and talent management
Finance and treasury
Supply chain strategies
Government relations, regulatory compliance and stakeholder alignment
Tax management: planning and compliance
Accounting and reporting


Valued-added Services in ATAHK
 Market entry research
 Competitive intelligence
 Due diligence
 Feasibility study
 Supply& Demand Match-making
 Business Plan
 Location search & selection

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