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China company annual renewal service
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ATAHK Group Limited is an expert in corporate formation, trademark registration and all the follow-up business-related activities. ATAHK was set up in Hong Kong in 2000. With ten years' development, the group has established a sound service network worldwide for the small and medium-sized enterprises, all the services are business-orientated and solution-orientated. With 28 offices and over 180 staff worldwide, ATAHK is able to cater to the need of SME enterprises. ATAHK enables to meet the different needs and expectations of its clients with consistent high quality of services around the world.


View China business as mysterious. Relax. Consumers behave pretty much the same everywhere. Competition is pretty much the same everywhere. You just need to ignore the hype and focus on the basic fact that in China today, there are six big trends (exhibit). ATAHK china information agency help you.

Capital Productivity  form china information agency ATAHK
We enable our clients to grow profitably by helping them maximize the value of their CapEx investments.more

Manufacturing form china information agency ATAHK

We specialize in transforming manufacturing operations through systems, infrastructure, and employee mindsets as well as providing strategic guidance on manufacturing-related issues such as network configuration, capital productivity, and make vs. buy decision-making.more

Product Development form china information agency ATAHK
Product Development takes a fully cross-functional approach, working closely with marketing, purchasing, and production. We apply our expert knowledge to process and product improvement by creatively transferring best practices across industries and applying our consultants’ deep industry-specific experience.more

Purchasing & Supply Management form china information agency ATAHK
With an approach covering the entire strategic sourcing value chain, we can help organizations build competitive advantage through sustainable world-class purchasing and supply management capabilities.more

Quality, Compliance, and Remediation form china information agency ATAHK
We help clients achieve significant and sustainable improvement in their quality performance, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance, resulting in lower quality costs, a stronger brand, and revenue growth.


Contact Us
If you have further queries, don’t hesitate to contact ATAHK anytime, anywhere by simply visiting ATAHK’s website , or calling Hong Kong hotline at 852-27826888 or China hotline at 86-755-82148419, or emailing to

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