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China Catering License

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China Catering License
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Catering service providers (individuals or organizations) must obtain a Catering License prior to engaging in business operations. This applies to group meal delivery service providers but not food stall operators or providers of semi-finished food products. The licensing system is administered by CFDA and its local iterations.


License application materials include:
Business license (for those already engaged in other business operations) or evidence of name pre-approval;
A diagram of the premises and the on-site service processes;
A description of the food safety system.

Food Service Licensing Details and FAQ may be found here.

Food Service establishments, which include restaurants, cafeterias, delicatessens, mobile units, temporary food service establishments, and special transitory food units (definitions located at bottom of page), are licensed via local/county health departments who set their own fees. All new food service establishments use a single application form EXCEPT for temporary food service establishments such as those found at state and county fairs, which use a form separate from the rest. Both forms may be found below.  


If you wish to license a food service establishment other than a temporary one, contact your Local Health Department. You can find the application below (but will need to contact your LHD for fee information). Previously licensed facilities will receive a pre-printed renewal application form each spring.  A new application form must be filled out for:

•New establishments
•Change of ownership
•Change in physical location of establishment
•Change of license type

Download the Food Service License Application



1.  Click on the application link above, and open the file using Adobe Acrobat Reader (if you don't already have it installed in your web browser) and print it out. 

2.  Complete all applicable parts of Sections 1-6.  Be sure to sign the application.

3.  Renewal applications and fee must be submitted 30 days prior to proposed opening date.

4.  For new establishments, the local health department will conduct a plan review, as needed, and then conduct an on-site pre-opening inspection when the establishment is ready to operate.


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