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ZhongShan Company Registration

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Zhongshan, together with Dongguan, Nanhai and Shunde, are dubbed as Four Little Tigers in Guangdong. The proximity of Zhongshan to Hong Kong and Macau is an advantage to its economic development, especially in manufacturing. Currently, Zhongshan is proving to be an attractive city for investors from both home and abroad due to a series of incentive policies for the Greater Bay Area.

We will manage all aspects of incorporation to get you a business license in Zhongshan China:
-Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOE )
-Representative Offices
-Joint Ventures (Equity/Co-operative)
-Foreign Invested Partnership Enterprises (FIPE)

Basic Information Required of a Zhongshan Company
1. Shareholder document: Passport, Business License certificate;
2. Confirmation of the business scope of the Company;
3. A Company name in Chinese;
4. Confirmation of the Registration Capital;
5. Confirmation of the legal person, manager, director, supervisor;
6. Office lease contract.

Tannet’s Services
1. Zhongshan Company Registration;
2. Work Visa/Permit application;
3. Corporate Bank Account Opening;
4. Accounting, Auditing and Tax Filing;
5. Intellectual Property Services (Trademark, Patent and Copyright);
6. Global Barcodes Application.


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