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China- imports and exports license application

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China- imports and exports license application  
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China- imports and exports license is for China- imports and exports Company or China international trade company .China- imports and exports Company is China based company as well..China- imports and exports company should apply for import and export license to do international trade.


Import licenses, also referred to as non-automatic import licenses, are used to keep control of imported products and the import quotas.


Export License is the certification for export issued by relevant authority, in accordance with a country’s export commodities laws and regulations. It is a control exercised by a country over exported goods. In general, some countries carry out export license system to required raw materials, semi-manufactures and Hard-to-get products and materials. By issuing license, the export can be restricted or prohibited in order to meet the demand of domestic market and consumers and protect the national economy.  Besides, antiques that can not be copied or renewed are also protected by the states, therefore, the export of which is strictly prohibited.  And in accordance with the international practice, the export of opium and other drugs and a wide variety of pornographic products are also prohibited.

In accordance with the state regulations,  all goods announced by the nation that shall subject to export licensing , regardless of the identity of the owner or the means of the approach( except mode of external  processing and assembling, which must be handled in accordance with relevant regulations ) are required to apply for an export license prior to export . for non- foreign trade business unit or individual goods shipped abroad, regardless of whether the goods are subject to export licensing or not, shall apply for export license if the value of such goods is above 1000 yuan. For Goods carried by individual or mailed aborad, except those comply with customs regulations for personal use and with a reasonable amount, export license is mandatory.

If the company  has China- imports and exports license , then can be advantage for tax refund as well.

What products need an import license?
Products imported to China are divided into 4 different categories:
Permitted goods
Permitted goods that need to be monitored
Restricted goods
Prohibited goods


What will be included for China- imports and exports license?
Record of foreign trade operators
Customs filing
E-port card


Required files for China- imports and exports license?
Business license
Foreign invested approval certificate
Company official seal
Power of attorney


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