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China Business networking

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Why is China Business networking important?

For a enterprise , networking  is very important for them to enlarge their business .And  in the future to understanding that the networking will be very effective to their clients and partners. Long-term relationships built on mutual respect and trust is the best way of developing .This can open unexpected doors and present real opportunities to businesses and individuals working in China.

Networking help to build the wide relationship 

The relationship is an idea central to Chinese culture and society, and is especially important in the context of business. It refers to personal networks of influence and relationships. The exact meaning of realtionship  is subtle and multifaceted, and is loosely translated as ‘networks’ or ‘relationships’. It evokes depths of feeling, moral obligations and social status as well as favours to be done and debts to be repaid. If they build very wide and big number of menbership with different industrial , different field persons, so can reuse the resources.


Some types networkingin China we used :

Sina Weibo resembles both Twitter and Facebook. Users are also limited to 140 characters for their posts, but this allows for more depth than Twitter because 140 characters in Chinese is closer to 70 or 80 words in English — more like Facebook. Also, Sina Weibo has a great deal of flexibility in terms of the type of content people can post, and the service's features.


Tencent Weibo is a microblog that integrates with other Tencent properties, including instant messaging service QQ, and Qzone, a full-service social platform.


WeChat is a messaging-focused app. Renren is very similar to Facebook.


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