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Ningbo company formation

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Ningbo Company Formation
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Ningbo is a major export base located 220Km south of Shanghai. It has the second port of the country in terms of annual cargo throughput (the first being Shanghai). Ningbo is one of the four special economic zones, designated to promote foreign investment and lead economic reforms by the end of the eighties. Today, it is a dynamic city home to a growing number of expatriates.

Ningbo is a major recipient of foreign investment and has an optimal location for companies involved in international trade. It is also within one hour of Yiwu, Taizhou and Shaoxing.

Many firms and private investors register trading and manufacturing wholly foreign owned enterprises (WFOE) in Ningbo, but also a significant number of representative offices, sino-foreign joint ventures and, foreign invested partnership enterprises. We are ready to assist you for all your Ningbo company formation needs.

 Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) 

The Business Scope is narrowly defined and interpreted for all businesses in China; a WFOE may only legally conduct business within the business scope that appears on its business license


Representative Office (RO)
A representative office is an organization that carries out market contacts and research for its headquarters, and assists in developing its business in other countries.


Joint Venture (JV)
A Joint venture is a company set up and invested by Sino and foreign investors. It effectively uses
the advantages of local enterprises.


Partnership Enterprise (PE)
The Foreign Invested Partnership Enterprise (PE) is a unlimited liability business entity without minimum requirements on registered capita



Post Registration Service 


We can handle all the Rep tape and account for you WOFe , RO , JV , or PE this includes Monthly reports andand Yearly Tax Certificate


We can handle all the Payroll , Staffing , Personal Income tax.

Virtual Office
We will Set up a Telephone line and give you a CBD Address , our staff will handle all your calls in Chinese or English and notify you instantly of all message .Our CBD Virtual office can also be used for Meeting , delivery of mail and a parcels

Our Visa Service will arrange a Visa for you and your family and staff

Trademark Registration
Registration of your trademark is very important in China ,our IP department can handle the trademarks  registration so that you don't stand the risk of being copied


Contact Us
For further inquiries about investment in China, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime anywhere by simply calling China hotline at 86-755-82148419, or emailing to

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