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The Advantages of Doing Bookkeeping by Agency in Nanchang

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Nanchang Accounting and Bookkeeping Service
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After incorporation, an enterprise will come to the finance part, bookkeeping is part of it. Bookkeeping is usually performed by a bookkeeper. Nowadays, more and more enterprises choose the bookkeeping agency to do the job.


The Advantages of Doing Bookkeeping by Agency in Nanchang – Key Service of Bookkeeping Agency
Accounting and bookkeeping service for medium and small business.
Payroll and tax reporting
General Ledger
Customer billing services
Bank account reconcilement
Accounts payable receivable
Investment Record -Keeping


The Advantages of Doing Bookkeeping by Agency in Nanchang - Service Characteristics of Agency Bookkeeping
1. “Customer first, quality first” business philosophy;
2. Has the professional spirit of bookkeeping agency experts team;
3. Sound system and process optimization, quality is guaranteed;
4. A reasonable charge, satisfied service, cost effective;
5. To communicate effectively, really, when the staff in enterprise
6. Financial diagnosis reasonable suggestion, promote the development of the enterprise.
7. Help customers to perfect the internal control process, establish and improve the accounting system;
8. Guiding enterprise keep accounting system, accounting supervision function;


Besides, bookkeeping service provided by agency in Nanchang are tailor-made which can enhance accountability to suit different client needs. According to client’s instruction, the bookkeeping agency will complete the accounting package provided by clients. The bookkeeping agency also help client implement accounting and document system and design management reports for management decision.

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