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Guidelines on China Trademark Registration

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Guidelines on China Trademark Registration,A trademark is a distinctive brand or mark used by an individual to indentify that the product or service originates from one and only source. This mark has a value not only to the owner due to its distinctiveness but also to customers who associate this trademark to a specific product or service and therefore have certain expectations towards the company.

Guidelines on China Trademark Registration,Trademark registration process in China
Registration process consists of five phases:
1. Submission of application
2. Formal examination
3. Substantive examination
4. Preliminary review gazette
5. Issuance of registration certificate

Guidelines on China Trademark Registration,How long does it take to register a trademark in China?
Registering a trademark in China takes about 12–18 months at the moment. The time frame is long because of renewal of Chinese trademark law and registrations systems which caused delays in trademark application processing.
How long is a trademark registration valid in China?
Trademark registered in China will be valid for 10 years counting from the date of approval of the registration. A renewal application may be submitted 6 months before the trademark registration expires. The trademark registration may be renewed for 10-year terms unlimited times.

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