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China Trademark Refgistration

China Trademarks for sale ,

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China Trademark Registration Service

China’s Trademark
Chinese trademark registration refers to the natural persons, legal persons or other organizations for their production, manufacturing, processing, sorting, or selling goods or services provided by the need to get right to the exclusive use of a trademark, the use of the trademark in accordance with the trademark law of the People's Republic of China (2013 revision) "and other relevant laws and regulations requirements and procedures, to the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office (hereinafter referred to as the trademark bureau) put forward the application for trademark registration, and after the trademark office in accordance with the law review, granted registration of legal fact.

Registered of the China’s Trademark reason:
China's large population, consumption gradually strengthen, has a great potential for development. As a result, intellectual property protection in China also becomes more important. The Chinese market be protected is equivalent to a quarter of the global market]


Registered of the China’s Trademark application conditions:
1.The Chinese legal person can apply for, are required to submit the business license copy; The Chinese natural person can not apply on behalf of individuals; If you want to apply for can apply on behalf of individual industrial and commercial households, should attach individual business license copy; Or can be registered in overseas companies, in the name of the company to apply for.

2. The foreign natural persons or method can be applied for per capita, natural person must attach a photocopy of passport, copy of legal person business license must be attached, and provide Chinese and English translation.


Registered of the China’s Trademark require documents:
1.Each type of each trademark attach photocopy of the business license or effective 1 photocopy of proof of registration;
2.Clear the trademarks 15 per piece, size requirement each no more than 8 x 8 cm;If you want to specify the color register, attached to the trademark color sample 15 and 2 black and white sample;
3.An application form in duplicate, a power of attorney, affix a seal: name of the company to apply for, build official seal;Each application form you can fill in 1-10 of goods or services, other than 10 goods or services, each charge RMB 150

Registered of the China’s Trademark timeline:
Trademark acceptance notice 1 month or so, the certificate of time a year to two and a half years or so, the trademark certificate is valid for 10 years, the renewal of a decade later, the period of validity is for 10 years.


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