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China Trademark transfer

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China Trademark transfer Services
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China Trademark transfer,The Trademark Transfer through Assignment allows you to transfer the property of a Trademark to a different person or entity. The assignee, after the Trademark is assigned to him or her, will become the owner of the Trademark and will have the same privileges that the assignor had.

China Trademark transfer,Procedure
(1)Paper receipt will be received in 1-2 mouths after filing application;
(2)Official examination;
(3)Publication period;
(4)Receive assignment certification.

China Trademark transfer,In smooth condition, it usually takes around 10 mouths to assign a trademark.
Required files
-Power of Attorney, to be executed by the assignee
-Trademark Assignment Application Form, to be executed by the assignor and assignee
-Copy of Trademark Application Receipt/Trademark Registration Certificate

China Trademark transfer

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