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Hong Kong Business Setup

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Hong Kong Company Registration Services
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Hong Kong Business Setup is also called Hong Kong company setup, Hong Kong corporate formation, Hong Kong company registration, Hong Kong business setup, Hong Kong company incorporation, Hong Kong business establishment and Hong Kong business registration. Hong Kong prides itself in the "little government, big market" approach, where the comparatively light hand of regulatory bodies ensures Hong Kong remains of world-class standard while providing the pro-business framework that creates a just and level playing field. The government lives by the mantra "market leads, government facilitate".

Hong Kong Business Setup 
Each type of company is governed by its relevant ordinances and rules and regulations. The basic considerations should include company and management structure, operation set up, financial and other taxation issues. This is a specialized area best handled by professionals and experienced personnel with up-to-date knowledge. Companies and their officers are subject to penalties and/or prosecutions when in breach.


The most common ones are as follows:
1. HK Company Limited by Shares: Private Company if up to 50 members or Public Company if over 50 members
2. Non-HK Company registered in HK
3. HK Unlimited Company: Sole Proprietorship or Partnership
4. HK Representative Office: restricted as liaison office
5. HK Company Limited by Guarantee: essentially a charitable institution that is eligible for HK tax exemption

Hong Kong Business Setup--Hong Kong companies for Tax Efficiencies
Setting up a HK company for tax efficiencies is a common goal for many overseas clients. We are geared to provide constructive advice on company group structure to our clients.

Hong Kong Business Setup 
Requirements for pre- and post-incorporation or registration of Hong Kong companies apply equally to overseas companies and individuals. ATAHK is here to help you setup an initial presence or to establish a full-fledged operation in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Business Setup 
Besides company incorporation/registration, specific license or consent by the relevant authority is required for businesses such as personnel recruitment, real estate, insurance, banking, deposit-taking or money-lending, securities and commodities, and foreign exchange. ATAHK will provide assistance and work in collaboration with relevant professional bodies where necessary, to help secure such licenses/consents for our clients.

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