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Documents Needed for the Registration of a Trading Company

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Shenzhen company registration is also called Shenzhen company set-up, Shenzhen corporate formation, Shenzhen business setup, Shenzhen company incorporation, Shenzhen business establishment and Shenzhen business registration.


Shenzhen enjoys numerous advantages of trade and there are many investors set their trading companies in Shenzhen. The following basic documents are required to be submitted to the relevant government departments.

Documents required:  
(1) Identification certificate (such as passport or business registration certificate) of the investor(s);
(2) Bank Reference Letter issued by bank of the investor(s);
(3) Documents (such as an office tenancy contract) to prove the use right of an office of the company in China;
(4) Application Letter for the establishment of the company;
(5) Feasibility Study Report on the establishment of the company;
(6) Articles of Incorporation (Articles of Association) of the company;
(7) Letter with the pre-registered name of the company, issued by the registration authority;
(8) Name(s) of the board director(s) of the company;
(9) The categories of goods to be traded by the trading company;
(10) Agreement between/among the investors.
All the above documents shall be in Chinese. If some of them are in foreign language, they need to be translated into Chinese.We will help our clients to prepare the documents needed.


Generally speaking, there is no export tax for exported goods, except for a few kinds of goods specified by the tax regulations. A trading company may get the Value Added Tax (VAT) refunded for the exported goods after the company has been recognized by the tax authority to be qualified to be a General Tax Payer, whose annual turnover must reach or exceed RMB one million and eight hundred thousand (RMB1,800,000, about USD222,000)


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